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Australian Principals to Get Greater Autonomy

According to a recent article in The Australian, education reforms in Australian public schools will lead to school principals being given a great deal more power over budgeting and personnel functions than they had previously been given. Presently, the autonomy of Australian principals varies by state and territory. The shift to devolve power to the school-level come in response to a recognition at by education leaders at the national level that principals require greater decision-making power to respond the demands of increasing school accountability. 

This Australian education reform is evidence that the trend of moving more decision-making power to the local school leaders stretches across national borders. With effective school leadership, the site-based management concept has the potential to bring about significant changes in public schooling. What could be better than having great leadership close enough to the ground to really understand the needs of unique student populations. We must give school principals the power to mobilize resources in ways that best serve their students’ unique learning needs.