House Bill 114 (2013), introduced
in the North Carolina House in February 2013, would provide parents of
homeschooled children with a state income tax credit of $1,250 per semester per
child. A home school is defined by North Carolina statute as “a nonpublic
school in which one or more children of not more than two families or
households receive academic instruction from parents or legal guardians, or a
member of either household.” Home schools in North Carolina may elect to
operate under the legal requirements of either “private church schools and
schools of religious charter” or “qualified nonpublic schools”.

House Bill 114 now sits with the
House Education Committee. As expected, providing tax credits to homeschooling
families has not been supported by traditional public schooling advocates, who
argue that providing tax credits to homeschooling families will take funds away
from traditional public schools. But interestingly, the bill has not been
supported by all home schooling parents in North Carolina. Some homeschooling
parents are concerned that state funding, even in the form of tax credits,
could mean a greater degree of state oversight/regulation for homeschooling.
For those parents, the tax credits are not worth the hassle of more oversight.

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