President Obama is scheduled to address the nation’s school children on Tuesday in a speech stressing the importance of setting educational goals. The announcement of this address, however, has set off a firestorm of debate and opposition. In response to parents who have voiced strong opposition to their children hearing the President’s address, educational leaders across the nation are advising school-level administrators to offer alternatives for children whose parents do not want them to watch. In some districts, superintendents have announced that children’s absences for Tuesday (the day of the address) will be excused.

Let’s step back and put this thing into perspective folks. Whatever one’s political ideology or affiliation, you must recognize that we are talking about the President of the United States. He wants to address American children on education over the major television networks. From some parents’ response to this speech’s announcement, one would think that we’re talking about a suspected child predator who wants to take their children into his bedroom for a private conversation. This is absurd! Untold numbers of adults talk to children everyday at school, on television, the radio, online, etc. But parents are talking about taking their children out of school so that they won’t have to hear the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES speak to them?!?Come on, what is all of this really about? Really?

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