New Orleans Public Schools Teacher Accused of Extortion in Exchange for Passing Grade

A New Orleans Public Schools teacher has been accused by a former student of extortion in exchange for changing his failing grade to a passing one- . The former student has turned over copies of a recording on which his former teacher agreed to change his grade in exchange for a “monetary gift”. He alleges that the teacher demanded cash gifts from him totaling $1,200 over the couse of a year. You have to hear this to believe it. Check out the link.

I am not only a former teacher, but a former New Orleans Public Schools teacher; and I consider myself as a strong teacher advocate. I understand firsthand the daily challenges that teachers face. But IF these accusations are true, this teacher’s actions were absolutely inexcusable. An extraordinary degree of public trust is given to teachers, and actions such as these only serve to erode that trust. I sincerely hope that there is more to this story than we’re hearing and that she will be vindicated. But if she is guilty, she should be punished. A strong message must be sent. This type of behavior is not the norm for teachers. Most teachers in New Orleans and around the country adere daily to the highest possible ethical and professional standards, and behavior like this threatens to scar their hard work, high standards, and dedication.

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